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How to host a poker party with your audience (and earn)

It will come as no surprise that there has been a surge in at-home poker tournaments and pub quizzes taking place on apps like Zoom and House Party in recent weeks as we’ve all got used to this new ‘normal’. 

We are naturally sociable creatures. Thankfully, technology enables us to ‘meet’ friends and families virtually and recreate those precious hours together as best as we can.

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This also creates an opportunity for influencers and publishers to responsibly engage with their audience in ways they haven’t before. We’ve been speaking directly to operators, working up the best offers and understanding the best areas for revenue.

With eager groups of players finding their own way to set up poker tournaments among friends and family, let’s streamline the process and give them a better product while ensuring audiences don’t go cold. 

No more ‘did you send that tenner mate?’ WhatsApp group chat messages, followed by ‘er, what are your bank details again?’, with one person holding the prize pot.

We’ve put together a click-and-play way to host a poker night…

  • What is your audience name / URL? 
  • How would you like to promote your poker night?
  • Are your audience members over 18?
  • When do you want to host your first night?

Buy-in: £     (we recommend £5-15) 

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